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HelloSolar Solar products are carefully crafted to provide custom and cost effective solutions ranging from basic lighting and mobile charging to TV, radios and other household appliances. We provide with end-to-end delivery, installation after-sales services, affordable mobile payment and IoT enabled product life-cycle management. HelloSolar Solar Home System offering include the following products:


Solar Home Systems

Solar Home Systems include a solar panel, a battery and mobile phone charging capability and usually operate at a rated voltage of 12V direct current to provide power for efficient appliances such as lights, radios and TVs.
1 Fixed Light
1 USB port to charge mobile phone
solar panel: 2.2 Wp
Battery: 9.3 Wh

2 Fixed Lamps
1 USB Port To Charge Mobile Phone
1 Mobile Lamp
Solar Panel: 5 Wp
Battery: 10 Wh
3 Lights
1 Radio
1 USB port to charge mobile phone
1 Torch
solar panel: 5.5 Wp
Battery capacity: 18.72 Wh

3 Fixed Lamps
1 Radio

1 TV 19,23 or 32 inch/ 1 fan 16 inch
2 USB port to charge mobile phone
solar panel: 50 Wp
Battery: 128 Wh


Component Based Systems


Component Based Systems are solar systems in which modules are assembled independently. These systems can be upgraded and resized to have more appliances. One example of high value market segment that Component Based Systems can typically address is the energy needs for small businesses,kiosks and health extensions in rural areas for telemedicine applications and for refrigeration of blood, medicine and vaccines.