Mission Statement

Affordable off-grid energy access, the spread of mobile technologies connected to GSM and the internet are leading to disruptive innovations in accessing, consuming and delivering products and services. New business models are now possible to serve the unserved in all parts of the world.

HelloSolar International is a decentralized off-grid solar energy solutions provider committed to improving the quality of life of rural communities in developing countries by giving access to solar energy and connectivity through PAYGO installment payments.

As a mission-driven organization, HelloSolar believes that accelerating access to smart and renewable energy solutions and connecting the Ethiopian and African population to the digital world is a major leap forward in developing an inclusive and sustainable world.

In the long run, HelloSolar aims to work closely with governments and private stakeholders to create an ecosystem that provides access to education, health care, market and economic opportunities. This will further improve the quality of life of the rural population and accelerate the complete eradication of poverty.