Over the past 40 years, the cost of solar panel materials has dropped 250x as a result of innovations in materials science. The price of will further plummet while efficiency and accessibility will dramatically improve.
We are planning on installing 500 Solar Home Systems in the Somali and Gambella regions

In rural communities, the use of kerosene and dry cell batteries for lighting not only erodes household budgets but also has immense negative consequences on their health and the environment. The emissions from kerosene wick lamps are mainly black carbon (soot) and carbon dioxide, both of which greatly contribute to global warming. Likewise, environmental damages from unsafely discarded dry cell batteries is significant. Most of the dry cell batteries are composed of low quality zinc-carbon batteries that contain significant amounts of heavy metals like mercury and other environmentally hazardous chemicals.

Solar power provides clean renewable energy and replaces the need for Fossil fuels, oil lamps and fumes of burning organic materials.

We are living in a digital age of the internet and the cloud of everything where products and services of any kind are decentralizing, dematerializing and becoming abundantly accessible to everyone. Affordable off-grid energy access, the spread of mobile technologies connected to GSM and the internet have made new business models and entrepreneurship possible in all parts of the world, leading to disruptive innovations in accessing, consuming and delivering products and services.

Access to SHS enhances the general quality of life of its users. which results in household welfare by providing a better quality of life or more productivity.

Benefits of SHSs


Lighting Facilities

Due to lighting facilities, students had more time to study, and women no longer depended solely on daylight to complete their household chores.
Information Facilities

Access to information, entertainment, and communication facilities provided by SHS is the second biggest benefit that users can have with the panel.
Health & Environment

Kerosene, diesel fuel, or gasoline stored for lamps and small generators are also potential safety hazards, with significant numbers of burn injuries reported
Economic Benefits

After SHS installation, maintenance costs are projected to be minimal over the years of usage and protects users from kerosene fluctuations and scarcity.