The situation
Accelerating access to smart and sustainable energy and connecting the Ethiopian population to the digital world is a major leap forward in developing an inclusive and sustainable world
Affordable off-grid energy access, the spread of mobile technologies connected to GSM and the internet are leading to disruptive innovations in accessing, consuming and delivering products and services, and made new business models and entrepreneurship possible in all parts of the world. Read More
57% of the Ethiopian population is without access to electricity, making Ethiopia the 3rd largest market in the world next to India & Nigeria for off-grid solar.
Over the past 40 years, the cost of solar panel materials has dropped 250x as a result of innovations in materials science. The price of will further plummet while efficiency and accessibility will dramatically improve.


Due to lighting facilities, students had more time to study, and women no longer depended solely on daylight to complete their household chores.Read More
Economic Benefits

After SHS installation, maintenance costs are projected to be minimal over the years of usage and protects users from kerosene fluctuations and scarcity.Read More
Information Facilities

Access to information, entertainment, and communication facilities provided by SHS is the second biggest benefit that users can have with the panel. Read More
Health & Environment

Kerosene, diesel fuel, or gasoline stored for lamps and small generators are also potential safety hazards, with significant numbers of burn injuries reported. Read More
Product and services
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